writer, translator & editor


Natasha Naayem is a writer, translator and editor based in London. She has been teaching creative writing for over six years. She has extensive experience working with international students on their college admissions essays, and hones in on this opportunity to champion self-expression through writing.


Natasha Naayem is a writer, editor and translator with errant roots, currently based in London. Her ties to Canada, the U.S.A, France, Lebanon and China inform her cross-cultural perspective and drive her creative storytelling.

As a content writer with a literary background (MFA in fiction from Columbia University), Natasha has worked with a range of clients on diverse platforms. She has covered sectors such as wellness, food & beverage, travel, fine arts and luxury goods, developing brand identity and copy for packaging, websites, guides and editorials.

Her longform writing has appeared in FAD Magazine, Scenes JournalPublic Books and Eleven Eleven, among other publications.

She is the editor of the city guide LOST iN’s online fiction channel.